Based in Tonteg, near Pontypridd, our African drumming workshops are an excellent way of uniting groups through traditional African rhythms.  These workshops support and encourage people to work towards an exciting and memorable performance involving a variety of rhythmic parts and ostinatos.

In Africa, drumming plays an important part in everyday life and is still used today to accompany traditional songs and dances. It plays a significant role in communication, rituals and celebrations as well as in everyday activities.

In our workshops people learn about and get hands-on experience of using traditional African instruments such as Djembe drums, Djun Djun (African bass drum), Ghana bells and Shekere shakers.

The workshops aim to engage, enthuse and inspire people by having fun, making music together and taking a musical journey through the fascinating sounds and rhythms of Africa's cultural heritage while participating in a drum circle.


See below for a selection of recordings and images from past workshops, or click here to view testimonials from those who have hosted our workshops in the past.  If you would like to make an enquiry please use the contact form, or call 07974 635502.











An article in the Penarth Times of our session with Penarth Explorer Scouts:


Penarth Drummers

Below are audio recordings from some of our workshops at Glyndwr Community Centre, Penarth.  The sessions are a part of an ongoing course which we are currently delivering on a Saturday morning. Please click here for more information about the group and how you can join us.


      1. Penarth Pier (Kpanlogo Rhythm)
      2. Penarth Pier
      3. Penarth Pier

Autism Puzzles

We were invited to work with a local group, Autism Puzzles.  The result of our session with this fantastic group is below.

      4. Autism Puzzles


Waunarlwydd Primary

After a full day of African drumming with Waunarlwydd primary school, we ended our day with a perfornance for the school assembly – and even provived a backing beat for the school choir!

      5. Waunarlwydd Primary Year 5

      6. Waunarlwydd Primary Choir 'One By One'


Coleg Gwent, Pontypool

After our successful run of drop-in workshops for Coleg Gwent's diversity week, we were pleased to be asked back to work with some of their students.  Below is the result of our last visit!

      7. Coleg Gwent

Penrhiwceibr Primary

Our visit to Penrhiwceibr primary school saw us working with their fab foundation phase pupils.  This was the third year running we had been to Penrhiwceibr and below is the result of our latest visit!

      8. Penrhiwceibr Primary Year 2


Alderman Davies

After working with the year 4 children at Alderman Davies Primary School, we did a recording of our composition.  Complete with our own 'solo's' section, we used African Djembe drums, shekere shakers and Ghana bells.  Pretty good for an hours work! Have a listen below!

      9. Alderman Davies

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